Center Stage Dance Academy is owned and operated by Carla Stalcup and Sheri Ardente.

Teri Gilbert

Teri began her training in gymnastics at the age of three, and dance at five. Teri has 13 years of competitive dance experience, has choreographed five years for numerous Middle and High School theatre productions, and a traveling singing group; winning multiple state awards. Teri has had the opportunity to take lessons from many renowned choreographers such as Erik Moore, Alexis Juliano, Gina Hatch a former Rockette, and Isis Masound to name a few. Currently Teri is also working in entertainment at Universal Studios Orlando, dancing in the Marilyn Monroe Show. She has danced in Halloween Horror Nights for 3 years, along with Macy’s Christmas Parade, the New Years “Eve” celebration, the Superstar Parade, and “Oh the Places You Will Go” Dr. Seuss show. She has also walked stilts for Mardi Gras, Grad Bash, Fun Spot, and City Walk Entertainment. Teri can’t wait to share her love for dance with her students, pushing them to strive for their best as they grow into talented and inspiring dancers.

Jessica Calbi

Jessica began her dance training at the age of 4. She has 14 years of competitive dance experience and has won many awards for her dance and choreography. Jessica has been awarded many scholarships to further her dance education. She was chosen to participate in the Hall of Frame Nationals opening number 4 times. Jessica has learned from many renowned teachers/choreographers and dancers in all styles of dance, such as; Erik Moore, Ryan LoHoff, Angela Carter, Hayley Mac, Twitch, and more. Her specialty is in the area of the tap, where she is experienced in both “rhythm tap” and “hoofing”. Jessica enjoys sharing her love of dance with her students.

Hayley Hopkins

I took my first dance class when I was 4 years old. I fell in love with the costumes and the fast movements. I kept moving up from there! In 8th grade I started assistant teaching for my old studio in New York. I knew then, teaching dance was something I wanted to do. I’m thrilled to be teaching dance especially to such a talented and well behaved group of kids! Conventions are one of my favorite things to take part in. I believe theres always room to grow and better yourself!! I’ve been competing for as long as I can remember and i’m so grateful for this opportunity not only to learn how to dance but make friends and be apart of a family where the memories you make will last a lifetime!