COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Please take a moment and read through the new policies and procedures to familiarize yourself and your child with our new guidelines.  We are encouraging you to speak with your child about the new “Dance Rules” and Social Distancing prior to their first dance class

  1. All waiting areas are closed. Parents and siblings MUST wait in their vehicles instead of the studio.
  2. Students MUST come to class dressed for dance, they need to have their dance shoes and a filled water bottle. There will be no changing allowed in the bathrooms or backroom.  The backroom, water fountain, fridge and kitchen area are closed.  Students will no longer have access to lockers and cubbies.  We encourage dancers to have a cover up worn to and from the studio.  Only one student at a time in the restroom.
  3. Students taking multiple classes will have to leave and wait in their vehicle until their next class starts. If they are taking back to back classes, they can remain in the area set for them in the lobby.
  4. Parents must conduct their own health assessment of their child prior to arriving at the studio. Dancers exhibiting any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID 19 may not enter the facility.   A staff member will take each dancers temperature before they enter the studio.  Dancers with a temperature higher than 100 will be sent home.
  5. Students dancing in Studio A will enter through the “A” door. Students dancing in Studio B, will enter through door “B”.
  6. Dancers may not enter the building until let in at their class time by a staff member. We encourage dancers to have a cover up worn to and from the studio.
  7. Dancers are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the building. There are sanitation stations set up for the dancers.
  8. Wearing of masks is optional when social distancing is not practical. However, students will be given a choice of a Comfort Band when they enter.  These are color coded wrist bands that allows everyone to know the dancers comfort level with contact.
Colors will be Green, Grey & Black

When entering the studio, each dancer will be assigned a location to keep their bag, street shoes & cover up in.  They will sanitize their hands, change into their dance shoes and wait in their location until let into the dance room by the teacher.   Student locations will remain the same for the entire week of Camp.

Our studios have been divided into 6 foot dance squares.  Students will be directed to their assigned dance square, where they will sit and wait to be directed by the teacher.

Water breaks will be directed by the teacher.  Students will remain in their assigned locations.  Congregating and socializing in the backroom is not longer permitted.

Parents, we ask that you stand by your car, or text us when you arrive, so we can see you before we let your child leave.  Students will NOT be allowed to exit the studio on their own.

The time between classes is for the Staff to sanitize dance room.  Please be patient with us, as your child’s health and the health of our staff, is of the utmost importance.