Our Mission Statement

We have made it our mission to uphold an excellent reputation for inspiring young people to be the best dancers they can be. When we say, -“the best dancers they can be”, we speak of every student and are highly devoted to providing our knowledge and passion to students, whether they are dancing at a recreational level or a competitive level. We believe in nurturing the talent of each individual student as they explore movement and music. A teacher’s influence on the future of a student extends far beyond what goes on in the classroom. Our teaching philosophy is centered on instilling a passion for dance, while also building self-esteem and confidence in every child. The student’s well being is our number one priority; their capability is secondary.

Studio Policies

Class Placement

Center Stage Dance Academy uses age as a starting point in placing children in the appropriate class. Previous experience and the amount of hours studying dance are two main factors in placing a student as well. We strive to make class fun and challenging for all of our students and work hard at keeping children motivated. Our classes are not unlike their classes at school. There are varying abilities in each class and students are continually being assessed in order to keep them with the proper group of students.

Tuition and Registration Fee

There is a yearly non-refundable $35.00 registration fee, due at the time of registration. Tuition is based on the full school year, August through June. It is divided into 10 monthly installments. Tuition payment amounts remain the same each month regardless of the number of weeks in a month, school breaks, weather closings or absences. Tuition is due on the 15th of each month and a $10.00 or 10% of the outstanding balance whichever is greater, late fee will be assessed on the 20th. Delinquent accounts not brought up to date by the 1st of the following month will result in your child/children’s removal from the class until rectified. There are no refunds on missed on cancelled classes.

Parent and Teacher Relations

It is our policy at Center Stage Dance Academy to keep an “open line” of communication between our parents and teachers. It is impossible, however, to talk with an instructor between classes. Our teachers need to focus on the entire school and their next class during the hours. We will always have someone available at the front desk to assist you or to schedule an appointment if you would like to speak to someone from our teaching staff.

Attire and Hair

All students participating in ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, or leaps and turns must wear a leotard or (tight fitting camisole and boy shorts), along with tights as their base attire for all classes, private lessons and rehearsals. Students may add a dance wear for jazz and tap at the teacher’s discretion. The proper dance shoes for each style of dance are necessary. Hip Hop – comfortable clothing is acceptable. No jeans or clothing with zippers and buttons. Hip Hop shoes or clean sneakers dedicated to dance are required.

Stretch/Strength and Acro – a leotard or (tight fitting camisole and boy shorts), transition or stirrup tights may be worn. Students will tumble in bare feet.

For all classes we ask that no loose jewelry, jeans, or street shoes be worn in class.

Hair for all classes must be pulled up and away from the face. For ballet a bun or braid is required.